Designed to enhance Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Click improves people’s ability to flex their style and connect with their clients, building trust and stronger relationships
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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a critical to being able to perform to our potential. Higher levels of EQ helps us to maximise our resources to more effectively get the best out of ourselves and, critically, be more effective at supporting and influencing others. Research conducted on EQ shows that it contributes over 60% to performance as opposed to IQ which merely contributes 5% to performance.

The good news is that EQ is highly trainable and has a number of beneficial business outcomes attached to it – including better client relationships and enhanced decision making. Mindflick helps to develop EQ by enhancing participants self awareness, (understanding how to maximise our strengths), managing stress and pressure (performing when it matters), reading others (recognise what a situation requires) and clicking with others fast (build trust quickly). In doing so, we enhance people’s ability to flex their style to build strong relationships and make better connections.

Here's what to expect from your instant download:

MAXIMISING EQ: Discover how Click EQ enhances emotional intelligence (EQ), enabling individuals to flex their style, connect effectively with clients, and build trust and stronger relationships. Learn about the significant contribution of EQ to performance and the trainability of EQ for beneficial business outcomes.

CLICK JOURNEY: Explore the structured journey of Click EQ, starting with setting individualised goals, progressing through group and individual sessions, and culminating in the application of EQ in real-life scenarios.

SESSION BREAKDOWN: Gain insights into the detailed structure of the programme, including individual sessions focusing on EQ profiles and debriefs, group sessions delving into applied EQ and practical tools, and the integration of the 10 rules of Click.

LASTING IMPACT & PROVEN RESULTS: Understand the tangible benefits of Click EQ through a case study of Coutts Bank, showcasing significant improvements in client satisfaction, emotional intelligence, and sales performance.

AWARD-WINNING PROGRAMME: Recognise the accolades received by Click EQ, including the Princess Royal Training Award, highlighting its impact on staff development and organisational performance.

TESTIMONIALS: Hear from leaders who have experienced the transformative effects of Click EQ on their teams and clients, emphasising the cultural shift and improved client relationships.

ABOUT MINDFLICK: Learn about the origins of Mindflick, its mission, and the expertise of its team, which combines performance psychology, science, and technology to fine-tune mindsets in individuals and teams across various fields.

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